What we do

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Family Support

  • Family meetings: Monthly meetings provide the opportunity for LGBTIQ parents, foster families, prospective parents, and other possible forms of families to meet, explore and share concerns, and support each other.
  • Children´s workshop for diversity: Volunteer artists join us to work with children to strength their social, emotional and developmental well-being through different cultural activities such as painting, crafts, dancing, circus, acrobatics, storytelling, etc., exploring family diversity.
  • Pro-bono legal clinics: we have lawyers specialized in human rights, gender, family diversity and non-discrimination that offer their counseling to our members and to the
  • Parenthood planning workshops: we provide the opportunity to meet and network with prospective parents. Parents and caregivers come to share with the group, and AFDA help them with family planning.
  • Family BBQS: Are an excellent opportunity to expand the circle of diversity family parents, swap parenting tips, and explore concerns shared by all. In addition, they help children to build a network of peers and lasting friendships with other children of diverse families as they enjoy funny.

Policy and Advocacy

We focus on proposing and influencing public policies and good practices that protect all kinds of families and ensure full equality for them. In order to achieve this, we work at national, state and local level with the Government, regulatory and representative authorities, policy makers, trade unions, employers, service providers and another NGO´s.

Our advocacy priorities

  • Workplace and family leaves: Workplace has to be safe, respectful and inclusive for all employees and in particular LGBTIQ people, and their families. Employers, employer’s bodies and trade unions should be urged to develop good practices supporting diversity in the workplace. Standards of inclusion and equality in the labor market and legislation in Argentina for family diversity, specially LGBTIQ parents and foster care parents are needed. Family leaves have to be equal for all employees to care for their children, even if they do not have a legal or biological relationship. Strong policies against discrimination during recruitment has to be implemented.
  • Welcoming Schools: All students should have the guarantee to study in a safe and respectful environment. Including family diversity in the curricula and having anti-bullying policies will help to end bullying, harassment, and discrimination. It will also help students to come out.
  • Health: The process of accessing health care and fertility treatment in spite of law protection is far from easy for LGBTIQ people. As a result of this, LGBTIQ  families fail to receive necessary care. Providers are often not qualified to give culturally competent care to a diverse family.


Key actions to achieve AFDA´s advocacy priorities

  • Introducing bills to reform legislation and policy.
  • Working together with Government at a National, state and local level in the pursuit of making public services more responsive to the particular needs of family diversity, especially in education and health.
  • Rethinking data access, collection and analysis about gender and family diversity to achieve full equality.
  • Empower families by building a strong network, and inspire them to take action in their own communities.
  • Raise awareness on family diversity and increase their visibility.




We have an agenda of academic research activities in order to generate legislative and institutional changes to promote the inclusion and equality of all kinds of families in issues such as work, health and education.



Arts and Culture

We believe that arts and culture are our allies to achieve cultural change towards full equality.

AFDA promotes family diversity through artistic expressions of different disciplines such as visual arts, dance and music, especially those with roots in Argentina and Latin America. That is why volunteer artists host our children’s workshop. We also work to introduce bills to distinguish artists working diversity issues and cultural programs that meet our goals.

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