Stop Bullying

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Help us stop
Bullying in Schools

Make LGBTIQA+ children safe in Argentina.



With this program we work to make schools in poor neighborhoods of Argentina safe places free of discrimination and bullying for those who study there. We will give a professional program providing training and resources to elementary school
educators to welcome diverse families and make LGBTIQA+ and gender inclusive schools,
prevent bias-based bullying, and support transgender and non-binary students.


One of the biggest problems faced by
LGBTIQA + students is bullying.

All the people who study must have the guarantee of studying in a safe and respectful environment. The school community must receive support to make the classrooms safe and free of discrimination and harassment for students. Teachers, school staff, administrators, parents have a key role in improving the quality of student’s life.


Teachers, school staff and administrators: 
professional training and accompanying lesson plans, materials and practical tips on these topics: prevent bias-based bullying in your school, understand and help transgender and non-binary students to thrive, create classrooms that welcome all students and all families.

Parents: workshop on the following topics
- Gender perspective and respect for diversity
- Assessment of communication with their children and improvement of their affective bonds.

Students will receive a workshop in:
- Know your rights to study free of harassment and without discrimination.
- What to do, where and who to turn to if I am a victim of discrimination or bullying
- What to do, where and whom to turn to if I witness discrimination or bullying



Our vision is to create schools that are safe, free of discrimination and bullying where students can develop their full human and academic potential regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Achieve a committed and empowered school community so that discrimination and bullying do not take place.