In AFDA we read the draft labor reform that circulated the national government. It adds 13 more days of parental leave, which we celebrate. However, we feel that the proposal  falls short and does not reflect the care needs of the various families:

1)  Missing closing the gap comes days leave for pregnant mothers (90 days) and the “days by birth” that give the rest of l @ s workers. The proposal for 15 days is better than the current 2 days, but even with this change is still making a difference in the  care responsibilities that are assigned to men and women.  While maintaining a difference big day, it will not distribute better care and reduce gender inequalities observed in the labor market and produce the  wage gap.
2)  Lack introduced into the law the same or more days of leave  for adoption,   something that hundreds of bills have asked for years.
3)  We want the new law makes  visible the diversity of families  and apply equal rights for  LGBT families  pregnant and adoptive parents , using inclusive language correspondiente.Un gay or lesbian marriage must be able to access the same number of days as heterosexual couples .
4)  We believe that both days of leave for birth or adoption should be  ncluidos in the same family allowance scheme in which they are today maternity leave.  There  are sufficient resources (with the contributions given by the current legislation) to extend and cover licenses for adoption / birth of at least 30 days.   In addition, the licenses included in this regime, the costs of these would no longer lie directly on the employer and be financed in solidarity through contributions.
5)  We want the new law to gain visibility  care  appointing him cheerfully and recognizing the different burdens of care that l @ s workers face. For example, if you have a multiple birth, l @ s workers must be able to access more days.
Let us seize this opportunity to reform the licensing system  of truth  and give the care the central place you need.