First Federal Meeting Diverse Families in Villa La Angostura

7, 8 and 9 December was held the First Meeting of Federal Diverse Families in the city of Villa La Angostura, Neuquén.
Organized by the various families of Argentina Association, Argentina LGBT Federation and the Provincial Directorate of Diversity of Neuquen, it was supported by the Ministry of Citizenship Neuquén, the Ministry of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism and the Ministry of Justice and Rights human Nation.

The meeting was a federal approach to their own issues of family diversity in our society along with input from different regarding state and local levels, regulatory authorities, trade unions and civil society organizations across the country.
It has a program for adults and one for / the children / as.

Adultes program included treatment and discussion of the following topics:
• The regulatory framework protection of family diversity.
• Access to raise a family: TRHA access, adoption, pregnancy solidarity, procreational will triple affiliation.
• The exchange of experiences form a diverse family.
• What about family diversity in the classroom?
• childhoods and diverse teens: gender stereotypes, bullying and discrimination and trans childhoods.
• Health professionals with gender and family diversity.
• pending legislative agenda and real equality: gestation solidarity, equal parental leave, care economy, violence in our families intragenero

Les niñes had their program at the meeting!
Les kids had a recreational space, in the form of workshops, to interact and meet peers with similar family circumstances serve as a networking and containment. These workshops themes of diversity and gender equality were addressed. They participated in an audiovisual workshop with the support of the ENERC (National School of Experimentation and Filmmaking) and was dictated by a film director who worked for a day and a half with the boys in achieving short.

Importantly, it is the First Federal Meeting Diverse Families: the government, the provincial case as an organizer promotes this kind of meeting, so it was a public policy of inclusion and diversidad.también was very important support the Ministry of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Office.

Some of the families who participated told us what they lived:
Liliana de San Juan said: “I take a great listening experience different life stories to share I left teaching that love of family is the strongest shield against discrimination “, Laura and Nataliade CABA and AFDA participants told us that” If it was all lA juntxs realize that as a family we fight all prejudice and discrimination. That no matter what sex they were born, what matters is the essence and respect what everyone feels. “If there is no love there is nothing”.

We share photos and the web of the meeting  and we started to see where we organize next year!