About us

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Meet AFDA, a positive change to promote respect, inclusion and full equality for all families. Celebrate and embrace diversity

Our Association promotes actual and equal rights for all possible forms of families that can be found today in the Argentine society, especially LGBTIQ families.  We work to empower our community members so they can lead their lives and families in equality. Our advocacy focuses on getting real equal opportunities for all families in our country.  We celebrate and embrace diversity as an important human quality and a main factor for social, cultural and economic development.


AFDA is a NGO that works for the social inclusion of all forms of families, especially LGBTIQ families. Remove barriers to achieve full equality and non-discrimination. We seek a positive change in the lives of all families by empowering them.


AFDA envisions a world where fully equality and opportunities should be ensured for all kinds of families, in a society without discrimination.


We began in 2013 organizing meetings between LGBTIQ families of our community to exchange experiences and concerns.  We also created a recreational space for our children to interact and meet peers, so they could make a network among them. Then we realized that other forms of diverse families shared our needs and had similar problems in achieving full equality.

We started discussing about our daily problems, which resulted in putting in public and in the social agenda our issues. We strategically sought the removal of equality barriers through legislative proposals, building relationships with local, state, and national governments. We put our effort to promote a cultural change and policies that protect our families and improve equality and actual opportunities for all kinds of families.